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The administration of Get Content Done requests its esteemed clients to read the Terms of Use in detail before registering with the website. We recommend familiarising with the information accurately to avoid any misconception. Members of our team shall not be held responsible in any case with respect to any act. It is to be understood explicitly that the following conditions may be subjected to changes or modifications as per the decision of the organisation. The guiding principles are stated to enlighten the clients and they are bound to comply with it, failure to do so shall result in cancellation of the membership from the intelligible platform of Get Content Done

For Clients– Policy pertaining Article Submission

  • Once your article has been submitted at our website, you shall be entitled to the ownership and copyrights of the document. In no circumstances, this authority can be taken from the first author, thereby giving him 100% entitlement.
  • We possess the right and permission to publish your articles on the website and other Get Content Done forums. The article may be circulated to all our clients who are subscribed users and may be alerted via emails and reminders.
  • After the submission of articles by the author at our website, he/she is believed to be aware that it can be republished and reprinted in the derivative sites and forums in possession of the Get Content Done Company more than once.
  • The publishers are requested to abide by the rules and regulations as stated while publishing any content. However, any discrepancy noted in the compliance of the set of laws, the clients should know that our team would not be subjected to any claims.
  • In addition, the cost and risk if any may be covered by the client as he/she holds complete copyrights and command over their article. If the Terms of Use is violated, the author can use his/her legal right by taking action against protecting their interest.
  • The rules have been clearly stated to provide accurate details to the clients before allowing them to register with Get Content Done, in order to brief them with the specifics precisely. However, they hold the right to deny submission on disagreement.

For Company– Policy pertaining Article Articulation

  • Get Content Done enjoys the right to decide whether the article will be published or not on our website that has been submitted by the author. We rebuff pledging upon the chances of its guaranteed appearance on any of our multiple platforms.
  • We reserve the authority to display the article for as long as we wish when it qualifies for publication. Nonetheless, quality of content remains the major criterion for its approval to be printed and popularised among the registered members of the website.
  • Likewise, the account termination shall be determined by the credibility of the submitted articles. If the clients fail to submit any qualitative article soon after the registration process, he/she may have to be eliminated from the membership privilege.
  • The exhibition of advertisements can occur in the same domain where your article has been published and the author’s view shall not be acknowledged. Furthermore, we can relocate your article under suitable section that may be different from the original.
  • It is immensely emphasised that the authors comply with the editorial guidelines or otherwise the submitted articles will be edited and altered as per the requirements of the forum. Follow the instructions to increase the chances to get the article published.
  • Any unfair means practiced by member to increase the traffic, particularly at their blogs will be strictly monitored and stern action will be taken against the individual, which may also include straight away termination of the membership of the website.

General Reminders– Get Content Done

  • We take no responsibility of the association with the third parties and shall not guarantee any warrantee to the clients in any such situation encountered.
  • The purpose of the forum is to extend the articles to the suitable readers. Therefore, the company disowns the authenticity of the content, which is an author’s domain.
  • Entire right has been limited to the author of the article who is bound to guarantee the credibility of the information written in the articles that will be shared at the website.
  • Get Content Done possesses the right to change, alter, modify or omit any clause without any prior notice or reminder to any of the registered clients or members.
  • Information discussed in the article may be educational or for providing entertainment to the readers and may not carry any non-tested suggestions that may be risky.
  • You will not witness any pop ups on our website, as we do not promote this trend. The clients are requested to comply with all the rules and regulations dutifully.
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Global Research Solution

What Solutions do you offer and how can they be availed?
Global Research Solution offers variety of academic and non academic Solutions that include Researching, Editing, Re-Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Formatting and Drafting. We are online solution provider and hence all the aforementioned solutions can be obtained online from our website.
To place order, go through the following steps:
- Get your requirements approved by the writers,
- Fill out an online order form and pay for the order to finalise it.
- Our writers work on your paper and send you drafts for preview.
- You provide the remarks on the previewed draft.
- We work on your remarks and finalise the paper for the final delivery.
The writers are from a qualified educational background possessing Masters, M. Phil, PhD, and higher degree.
Global Research Solution is an online solution provider. Hence, all the interactions are online.
Do you give guarantees? What kind of guarantees do you offer?
Yes, we do offer guarantees. For more detail, please visit Guarantees page.
The methods of payment are: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, E-check, Visa Card and Master Card.
For the order with deadline of 24 hours, the cancellation has to be made within an hour. If the client fails to cancel on time as aforementioned and the paper is processed than the request will not be entertained. For the order with 8 to 30 days deadline, the order can be cancelled within 24 to 48 hours.
We own every lawful right to cancel order. We notify our customers prior of cancellation via email. The order may be terminated due to failure in making payment or if the writer is unable to meet the deadline.

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