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We write quality, informative, and helpful copy on a variety of topics

Copy is sent to you for Approval

You can review and approve the content you want to be published on your website.

You Publish Content on your WebSite

You will then publish content on your website or give us a writer account to publish for you.

Get Paid

We will then pay you an editorial and publishing fee to either your PayPal account.

Get More Traffic

Our content is helpful, informative, unique and written by real writers based in the US.  This type of content will help your website receive more traffic from the search engines.

How it Works

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To signup, we just need your name and contact email.

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Enter the URL(s) you can publish to.  Add the DA, DR, and monthly traffic with a publishing cost if any.

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We will send you an email with a link to view and approve the content.

Publish Content

If you approve the content, you can view the content to publish. After publishing, enter the URL into our site so that we may validate it. 

Get paid

We will then pay you the publishing fee you have setup for the URL.

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