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Google’s #1 Ranking Factor is Onsite Content

In order for Google to work, it needs to absorb content. Content is the only way Google will know what your site is should rank for. You have heard, Content is King, which is as true today as it was 15 years ago.

Google has given us guidance on the type of content that they want to see. They introduced the Google E.A.T. methodology, Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Expertise is the type of content published on websites. It is informative and helpful content. If Google sends a customer to your website, they want the content to be useful to their user; otherwise, the end-user can become annoyed at non-relevant content that they are looking for.

Google’s new Helpful Content Update

Google has extended its messaging to us by also announcing the ‘Helpful Content Update’. They are giving more value and weight to sites that provide this helpful content and punishing those that do not.

What this means for website owners is that low-quality spammy content will hurt your site. Here at Get Content Done, we pay for quality writers and have an extensive QA team to ensure our content is helpful.